Call us on 0330 445 5112 if you need the service of an expert in Birmingham or, get in touch with us online using our online form where you can also request an estimate. Our pleasant and helpful staff are always available to provide you with any information and assistance you may require on any drainage solution. The first thing we do, is detect the original cause of deterioration.

How we work in Drainage Birmingham

Located in the Birmingham area with emergency drainage needs? CE Walton Birmingham has experts ready, on call, to fix all kinds of blocked or broken drains. We use ground breaking equipment to explore your issues and make the necessary repairs to your drainage system.

Do some of the drains in your house refuse to work, or continue to flood? Chances are that there is a blockage somewhere. 2 CE Walton Birmingham experienced professionals, based in Birmingham, know exactly how to solve your issues. No matter how long it takes.

Usually a blocked drain is caused by debris build up over time. Our leading – edge technology at CE Walton Birmingham will unblock your drains completely. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Get in touch today at 0330 445 5112.

We also install drains in Coventry, Solihull, Tamworth, Rugby.